You spend a significant percentage of your marketing dollars getting customers into your store, but what are you doing once they are there?

It is no secret that traditional store-based retailing is facing fierce competition with online retailers. This means they need to provide an experience that a customer cannot get online. 78% of Australian consumers still choose Retail Stores over online because of the ability to try, touch and feel products. Furthermore, 55% of Australians would rather shop in-store than online if the right mood (Brand Fit music) is created.

Consumers aren’t just buying a product when in-store; they’re buying an experience, and their expectations for a positive, emotionally engaging experience are quite high. Shopping, as a form of entertainment, remains important to savy consumers.

A recent survey of more than 11,000 consumers across the World including the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, found that music appears to provide quite the tonic for some in-store frustrations, with 80% of people globally finding waiting times to be less dull when music is playing, and 90% saying that music makes their shopping experience more enjoyable and lifts their mood.

Retail stores still have an advantage over online retail when it comes to being able to create an atmosphere that creates more sales opportunities. In fact, online retail giant Amazon, is beginning to open physical retail stores where it can create an in-store experience to connect with customers.

Store-based retailing is a more natural fit for impulse customers who prefer shopping in-store because of the immediacy, convenience, easier returns of unsuitable purchases, and being able to try before buying.

When it comes to making unplanned purchases, 62% of Australian consumers across all ages cite that “discounts and promotions” most influence their impulse purchases, with men being slightly more sensitive to this leverage. According to the same study, almost 49% of consumers were influenced by music being played in-store.

In another study playing the wrong music can have a negative affect with 40% off customers saying, playing the wrong music can make them buy less and a further 44% would walk out. Which means playing the radio, random tracks or one’s own choice of music can be more damaging to the brand and the bottom line.

Before selecting music to play, Owners and store Managers should consider their target demographics, ages, income levels, and music preferences. Ideally, the music choices of your target audience will match that of your Brand, or you may need to think about how you’re reaching and selling to your customers.